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NCU Faculty, staff and students:
  • Login with Portal account
    Patron Type Account ID & Password
    Patron TypeNCU Faculty (including part-time teachers) and students. Account ID & PasswordLog in with your Portal ID and password.

    ※IF you forget or want to reset your password, please refer to "Portal Forgot Password" , or contact Computer Center at 57555 or 57566.

  • Login without Portal account
    Patron Type Account ID Default password
    Patron TypeNCU Alumni Account IDStudent ID on Alumni Card Default passwordThe default password combines with the first letter and last 4 digits of the ID number, and the four-digit birthdate number. For example, the ID number is A234567890, and the birthday is August 18, then the password is A78900818. If the birthday is not in our system, the password is A78909999.
    Patron TypeDependents of Faculty、NCU CLHS Staff、Retired employee、NCU volunteer、Friends of NCU、Friends of NCU Library Account IDRemove the 2nd, 3rd, and the 10th digits of your ID or ARC number, and add A in the end. For example, if your ID number is A234567890, then your account is A456789A.
    Patron TypeProspective graduate student、Prospective student、User from III、Temporary NCU Library card Default passwordThe default password is the same as the ID card barcode number.
    Patron TypeVisiting Professor、Visiting Student、Language Center Student Account IDThe account ID is the same as the OIA number or Language Center number.
    Patron TypeExchange Library Card
    (Interlibrary loan)
    Account IDRemove the 5th digit of the exchang library card number as your login account ID. For example, the exchange library card number is NCU4567890, then your account ID is NCU467890.
    • IF you forget or want to your password, please refer to Reset Password.
    • Please change your password during the first-time login process to protect your privacy.
    • If you have any further questions, please contact us at 03-4227151#57417 or via email at